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There are a lot of testimonials on the website by students explaining what a wonderful time they had studying at the EEU campus. The University hopes to create a quality certified educational system for both local and international students The University has tried raising recognition, reliability, and reputation regularly by taking accreditation by various institutions. The University also promotes international equality by promoting such seminars and talks about cultural assimilation. 

The application form is very easy to fill. Be transparent with all the data you will provide in the application form. The presence of untrue data might lead to disqualification of the candidature. Access the application form on the EEU website. 

Keep your academic documents near you before opening the application form. Make sure you have every transcript at your disposal at the time of the application procedure. The application process is very easy and students can always seek help by contacting the University.

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Need support now with applying to uni or student finance? See our guides on how to apply and fees and finance or our information for international students.


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