The East European University is located in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia. Come visit our campus.

The East European University campus is designed to support an ecosystem within the campus walls. The campus features conference rooms where talks and seminars are held. Regular seminars and talks are held on the campus on a vast catalogue of topics. The laboratories are designed to provide a research-level lab where students can perform experiments without limitations. The campus also has multiple hospitals where medical students can learn hands-on knowledge. The Central Hospital at the campus has 22 departments and 500 beds and the Pediatric Hospital at the campus has 26 departments and 615 beds, these are the biggest hospitals on the campus. Along with these, the campus has Dental, Pediatric Dental, and Hospital N1.

The campus promotes extra-curricular activity and there is a separate Student Activity Area, Sports Complex, 2 Football Fields, 2 Sports Halls, many indoor and outdoor courts. In conclusion, the campus has everything that a student might need during his or her tenure. The campus is a haven for students. The campus has its own gym and cafeterias, all these facilities are free for students at no additional cost. The Library at EEU is a major attraction, the library has over 5,000 offline and over 3,000 titles listed on the online directory of the library. Students can find anything they want to read at the library. There is everything for every student at the campus of East European University. Interested students can take a virtual tour of the University available on the website. Offline tours are also available at campus throughout the summer and spring semesters. Make sure to book an appointment with the relevant college authorities before visiting the college.

The things that make the campus of East European University special are the students and teachers that make up the University academically. You will see a peaceful and joyous environment at the campus. The campus is built in the city of Tbilisi, the city is famous for its cultural heritage and is surrounded by beautiful spots that students can visit during their stay at EEU. The EEU has a one-of-a-kind campus which is rarely found in any other University. Everything is designed by keeping students at the centre of it. Therefore, everything is extremely student-friendly.

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Building Hours

Access to academic buildings is by reservation only. The buildings below will be open Monday - Friday and closed on the weekends

Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.,
Saturday to Sunday, closed

Map &

4 Shatili str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Davit Aghmashenebeli Alley 12th km, Tbilisi, Georgia


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